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I Dream My City – Kanal Pompidou x Athénée Royal Toots Thielemans

The third part of the work "Under the Same Sky"

Année :
Lieu :
Bruxelles, Belgique

«Daily life is an extraordinary adventure.»

– Georges Perec

Reinventing the City through the Eyes of Dreamers

What is our relationship with our environment, our community, our own creativity?

In the streets of Molenbeek, this question takes on its full meaning: why seek the extraordinary elsewhere when it resides in our dreams?

At Athénée Royal Toots Thielemans, an artistic revolution flourishes with ‘I Dream My City’. Guided by artist Françoise Schein and inspired by Georges Perec, the youth embark on a journey beyond the mundane. From January to July 2024, this participatory project transcends traditional art, offering young people a mirror of their reality, free from social and psychological constraints. The objective is to reinvent the city and rediscover the beauty of every street, building, and face.

The three-year project, ‘Under the Same Sky’, commissioned by Kanal Centre-Pompidou to the Inscrire Association and Françoise Schein, comprises three components:

Stories of Lives’: a painted sandstone mural depicting the odysseys of 20 young newcomers.

I Dream My City’: young people design and paint their future professions on architectural medallions. ‘I Dream My City’: drawings on paper imagining new perspectives of their daily reality or a possible future.

Expanding Cultural Horizons

The Inscrire Association has forged partnerships, notably with Kanal Centre Pompidou, to broaden the cultural horizons of Molenbeek’s youth. They participated in workshops and cultural visits, discovering ancient and contemporary forms of artistic expression. Excursions to Mini-Europe, the Atomium, and the Design Museum Brussels enriched their understanding of art, design, and human rights. They also discussed urban issues with the Brussels 2030 team.

The Meaning of the Artistic Passport

In concluding three years of dreaming and resilience, the artistic passport takes on its full meaning. It symbolizes our global cultural citizenship, opening doors to inclusion and connection through art. Artistic passports transcend borders, promoting intercultural dialogue and strengthening social ties. Making a passport acknowledges that art is a universal language that unites, inspires, and elevates us beyond physical and mental boundaries. It is an invitation to continue dreaming, exploring, and creating together, in a world where every story, vision, and dream matters.

By addressing the initial question, we see that our relationship with our environment, community, and our own creativity is constantly redefined through art. The ‘I Dream My City’ initiative illustrates how the youth of Molenbeek transform their perception of the world, strengthen community bonds, and explore their creative potential, reinventing their city and their future one dream at a time.


Françoise Schein visual artist and architect, professor at the École Supérieure d’Arts et Médias de Caen/Cherbourg, founder of the Inscrire Association

with the participation of Aya, Dariia, Daniel, Denise-Raquel, Farah, Gülser, Hasan, Ilham, Khalil, Lamia, Lina, Mara-Georgiana, Mountaha, Mariam, Mohamed, Mohamad, Obaidah, Radu-Mariam, Safi, Tasnim, Viorel, Wafa, Yazieh, Zeynab, Zahieh.


Athénée Royal Toots Thielemans
Sabah Lamrani
Nisrine Moujaoui
Pascale Taes
Claire Saint-Pierre
Elodie Stas
Calogero Di Natale
Marielle Gilles

Béanie Aubril
Amandine Bertholet
Léa Jarrin
Constance Léglise
Céleste Maurel
Katia de Radiguès
Lohana Schein

Kanal-Centre Pompidou
Yves Goldstein
Kasia Redzisz
Paula Bogutyn
Soetkin De Backer
Koen Van Caekenberghe
Caroline Kadziola
Jean Samuel N’Sengi
Mey Reinke

“I Dream My City” is part of the KANAL Collectif project proposed by