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Passport for Democracy

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“Artistic passports are the keys to our global cultural citizenship, opening doors to inclusion and connection through art.”

– Françoise Schein

How can art be a passport for intercultural dialogue and social engagement?

In a world where borders between nations are constantly being redefined and contested, yet cultural diversity has become a reality of societies, the concept of a passport evolves beyond its traditional role. While a passport issued by a country may enable entry and movement of individuals into another country, our “artistic passport for democracy” aims to extend this notion by facilitating the free flow of ideas, values, and perspectives through art. Just as a traditional national passport bears one’s name proving membership to a nation, our artistic passport is a document that similarly proves membership to a global community united by cultures in universal values of dignity, freedom, equality, and justice. With art and images created as universal visas, our document transcends national borders to foster intercultural dialogue through art, enabling exchanges of ideas and mutual understanding as well as belonging to a global community based on values of global respect for the living world, including humans.

Echoing the “Passport for Democracy” catalog, published for the “Luz no Brasil” exhibition by Françoise Schein and the INSCRIRE association at the Paço Imperial Rio de Janeiro, our artistic passports offer much more than travel privileges. They provide experiences that are always joyful, inventive, and participatory, transcending borders and strengthening the sense of belonging to a global citizenship.

Through this innovative approach, the INSCRIRE association uses art as a powerful vehicle to build bridges between individuals and cultures, promoting for each participant the desire for a life in an inclusive and engaged democracy. Our artistic passports, as symbolic documents, are tangible tools to catalyze intercultural dialogue and strengthen social ties within our globalized society. All our passports will serve as witnesses to our projects and the values of the association for inclusion, resilience, and the teaching of fundamental and universal values through art. They will thus embody our continued commitment to using art as a means to promote dialogue, diversity, and social justice worldwide.

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If you would like to learn more about our projects or join us in our mission, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together, let us use art as a passport for democracy and social engagement.


Françoise Schein, visual artist and architect, professor at the École Supérieure d’Arts et Médias de Caen/Cherbourg, founder of the Inscrire Association.


Lohana Schein