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Action Light Subway

To teach Human Rights to hundreds of young people while building a subway station in São-Paulo

The way to the Human Rights

A monument for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. A commission from the United Nations Development Programme

Communities projects

Since 1999, Inscrire association has developed a project to write the fundamental rights into the underprivileged neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro

The way to the Human Rights Rio

To create an urban symbolic monument with an educational action in Copacabana

To write the Human Rights in 1001 schools

An international participatory project network about Human Rights and duties among human beings and towards the earth

The tiles workshop

Promoting social change through artistic workshops

Life in Rio at the time of J.B.Debret

A participatory art project about Human Rights and slavery created with young high school students and 6 Cariocas graffiti painters

To write the Child’s Rights

Proposal for a bilateral Human Rights educational project for swedish and brazilian secondary schools

The game of Zé

A book reading and a creative workshop about the portuguese discoveries for the underprivileged children in Rio de Janeiro

Beautiful stories

Participatory artwork about Human Rights and local history with the Alliance Française of Nova Friburgo