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United states

Subway map floating on a sidewalk in New York

It is the foundation of the democratic work that the Inscrire Association has carried out worldwide since then

Miamiami Bill of Rights’ wall

Project of an artistic urban wall to seperate the beach from the street on Ocean drive in Miami Beach

The tower of times

In 1988, the Historical Society of New York launched a world competition to design the building for One Time Square. The best 50 proposals, including ours, were exhibited at the NYC Historical Society

The Minneapolis and St. Paul circuitry

In 1991 the twin cities of Minneapolis and St Paul launched an open competition for an idea to create a major monument at the entrance gate of the twin cities

Pacific square

An architectural and cartographic project based on the map of Los Angeles

Hear our voices

Monumental perennial sculpture in the shape of a banquet of 18 meters longs for the Municipal Park of the small town of Doylestown in Pennsylvania in the USA