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Françoise Schein

Executive director and Founder of INSCRIRE

Françoise Schein is the founder of the association INSCRIRE. She has built many large-scale urban works in Europe, United States, South America and in the Middle East. For 30 years, she has dedicated a large body of her work to the dissemination of human rights within the public realms, in schools, and among underprivileged quarters. She teaches at the ESAM School of Arts and Media in Caen, Normandy, France.
(FR, EN, PT)

Lohana Schein

Project Director

Lohana works with non-profit organizations, emerging artists and start-ups for the conception, coordination and production of artistic, responsible and engaged transversal projects that value artists and their work.
(FR, EN, PT)

Philippe Nothomb

Partnership Manager – Cofounder of INSCRIRE Brazil

Publisher, journalist, writer, and consultant, he collaborated with Le Monde diplomatique France and Brazil. He has been following the activity of INSCRIRE since the 1990s. In 2012, he founded with Françoise Schein the Association INSCRIBE Brasil. After more than 30 monumental achievements with more than 10,000 young participants, they won the Human Rights Prize of the Brazilian Association of Magistrates in 2016.
(FR, EN, PT)

André Couto

President of INSCRIRE Brazil

André Couto is a professional dedicated to the cause of education. It has been like this since 2000. He started his career working with art education, then education and new technologies, always developing content for multiplatforms. He is currently a partner at the start-up Tamboro and, with his work at inscrire, sees the real achievement of human rights as fundamental for all of us to live in a more just society.(PT, EN)

Vera Ferraz

Collaborator INSCRIRE Portugal

Economist, specialist of European Affairs – Portugal
(FR, EN, PT)

Rita Aires Anderaos

Project Manager of INSCRIRE Brazil

Rita, architect and set designer, has worked for many years with interior design, set design for advertising films and corporate events, and with artistic and museum installations.
(PT, EN)

Cherlie Rivage

Project Manager of INSCRIRE Haïti

Cherlie studied linguistics at State University in Haiti. Passionate about poetry and human rights, she learned human rights with Fondation René Cassin (Strasbourg) and Organisation International de la Francophonie (OIF). She founded in 2020 the Banquet Poétique, a structure that promotes poetry. Since 2017 she represents INSCRIRE in Haïti.

Beatriz Maida Pacas

Collaborator INSCRIRE El Salvador

Social development specialist – El Salvador


Adaptive reuse architecture and design

StudioZERO is a space design studio co-founded by architects Thomas Régent and Émeline Dussaucy. The studio advocates a sustainable and environmentally conscious design. Our approach is focused on circular economy, use bio-sourced and reusable material in order to create timeless solutions with strong added value.
(FR, EN)

They actively participate in our projects

Jean Attali
President of Inscrire France

Philosopher, professor at the École nationale supérieure d’architecture Paris-Malaquais


Nils Le Bot
AREP Research Coordination Manager

Architect. PhD Urbanism and urban amenities – Teach at Paris School of Architecture and works at AREP


Virginie Lavavasseur
Visual artist, professor of French literature at the University of Caen


Katia de Radiguès
Fundraiser and project manager INSCRIRE


Moema Quintanilha
Plastic artist, teacher


Ana Ignacio
Cultural production manager


Miriam Heipertz
Law and philosophy specialist


Barbara Reiter
Philosopher and professor at the University of Graz


Witha Winter von Gregory
Sociologist, Bremen


Siro Darlan de Oliveira
Judge of the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice and Member of the Judges for Democracy Association


Arthur Anderaos


Laura Mascaro
Jurist, specialist of Human Rights


Dario Roitberg


Kristina Foroud
French and German teacher.
Co-founder of the Alliance Française of Doylestown


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