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Concorde Station

To write the Human Rights at the Concorde Subway Station in Paris, is the founding project of Association INSCRIRE

To Write the Human Rights in France

An international participatory project network about Human Rights and duties among human beings and towards the earth

Paris lights

To write the Human Rights on the walls of the Police Station of the 11th arrondissement in Paris

Eat the museum

A participatory artwork in the shape of a Banquet table created at the Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris

The Seine River Valley

A cartographic and participative artwork for the city of Les Mureaux


The tree of knowledge on the façade of the Media Library of Les Mureaux

Take care of her

An esthetical proposal about ecology and the urge to change of way of living towards a greater consciousness for recycling procedures

The banquet of the prevented

THE BANQUET OF THE PREVENTED tells the story of the ceramic painting workshops - without a precise theme -with the participation of 10 women from the Fresnes prison near Paris

A geopolitical park

The History of Europe transformed into urban design for the city of Metz

School instructions manual

A participatory analysis of the learning process of young people, transformed into art