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Guadeloupe in humanistic resonance

Proposal for a humanistic, perennial and participative project about slavery in Guadeloupe: Our Memory Wall

To publish book-tables

A transdisciplinary participatory artwork for the Tertre campus of the University of Nantes

Human Rights in the river Seine

A Human Rights artwork for the Parisian subway corridors

A balloon for the future world

An artistic, citizen and geographical proposal for an air balloon

Dictionary of accepted ideas by Flaubert

A public artwork in tribute to Flaubert for the bicentenary of his birth in Rouen

Waiting for horizon

Waiting for Horizon, on the walls of the Cherbourg prison

The friendship’s banquet

A participatory artwork based on the philosophical question: what does it mean to eat together?

The buisson cartographique

The birth and death of a public artwork, with the collaboration of 90 participants from 12 to 85 years old from Paris and Lisbon