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The buisson cartographique

The birth and death of a public artwork, with the collaboration of 90 participants from 12 to 85 years old from Paris and Lisbon

7 November 2020
Year :
Location :
Place des Grès, Paris

The Buisson Cartographique project is located in the entrance gate of a social housing building on rue Vitruve 44, in the 20th arrondissement of Paris.

The Buisson Cartographique project is a participative work that offers a place for the residents to express themselves. The design was imagined by Françoise Schein and is based on the map of the neighborhood transformed into a bush whose branches and leaves represent the real or imaginary desires of the residents.

The city and the owner of the property wanted to bring light to the entrance of the building. They invited the artist Françoise Schein and INSCRIRE to create an artistic project with the participation of the residents, to ease the tensions that can sometimes affect communities.

For over a year, INSCRIRE opened a nomadic workshop in nearby schools and with the Association C’est Pointé,  well known in the neighborhood, to meet its inhabitants and collectively design a project.

INSCRIRE also included young Cape Verdeans from the Moinho da Juventude association of Lisbon, who produced some of the illustrations.

For the artwork’s inauguration days, INSCRIRE invited the Moinho da Juventude participants to Paris where they could meet the local participants and discover their drawings in which a recipe for Cape Verdean Cachupa was hidden.

In 2019, the City of Paris decided to renovate the building completely and to cover the entire structure with thermal insulation. The work will disappear under 15 cm of disrespect for the 90 people who participate in the project. The Association Inscrire fought in vain to preserve that artwork. It will still exist but only to be seen by X-ray.


Florence Peyre, médiatrice
L’association C’est Pointé
Cécile Teillol
Moinho da Juventude, Lisbonne
Lieve Meersschaert, Lisbonne


Paris Habitat
La Mairie de Paris
l’EDL Paris-St Blaise
Mairie Paris 20ème


Florence Peyre
Françoise Schein