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Monumental perennial sculpture in the shape of a banquet of 18 meters longs for the Municipal Park of the small town of Doylestown in Pennsylvania in the USA

25 November 2020
Year :
Since 2019
Location :
City Hall Park, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

In December 2018, a decisive encounter led to the desire to create a participatory artwork in Doylestown: at the Barnes Museum in Philadelphia, Françoise Schein met the Iranian-American Kristina Foroud,  and the two women chatted for several hours while visiting the magnificent museum.

A decision was made: “There must be a participatory project in my city,” Kristina decided!

From there, everything is organized: visit of the city, meeting with local personalities and officials of the City Hall, public and private conferences, visits of all the museums of Doylestown and surroundings, readings of the history of this part of the United States, the discovery of the book The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead, the history of a clandestine aid network that allowed many blacks to flee the South and join the non-slavery North of the United States. Doylestown is part of this network.

A visit to the City Hall led to an agreement for the project, which will be implemented once the new Municipal Park begins its construction.


Françoise Schein
Kristina Foroud
and many locals ceramists, friends, volunteers


The Mayor and the council-manager
James A. Michener Art Museum
Mercer Museum
James A. Michener Art Museum
The Moravian Tiles work Museum


City Council of Doylestown
Private Foundations