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Azulejaria, the art of the city
Centro Cultural São José Bonifacio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Exposition on the work of Azulejaria since its creation in 2003.  

The Tiles Workshop finds its roots and its know-how in the project “The Way to Human Rights”, situated in the entrance of Siqueira Campos subway station in Rio de Janeiro, and created by the artist Françoise Schein, the founder of the Association Inscrire.

Today, Azulejaria is an independent collective of artists and specialized artisans, that associate artistic production and educational projects with social, cultural and urban activism. 

Azulejaria, Association Inscrire and Enda Brasi presented the outcome of their collaboration in the exhibit “Arte e a cidade” in the Centro Cultural São José Bonifacio. 

Azulejos, ceramic plates and panels exhibited were inspired by the work of French artist Jean-Baptiste Debret (1768-1848), who came to Brazil as part of the French Artistic Mission in 1816 and illustrated the day to day life and social relations of Rio de Janeiro in his paintings. 

Debret’s paintings were used in multiple panels in the work “The Human Rights Path” in Rio. They have also served as base to the first painting exercises in Atelier Azulejaria, which allowed the first productions and many projects.

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