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The Banquet of La Louve and the Mystery of the Dowry: A Timeless Celebration of La Louvière

La Louvière: A Feast for the Senses, an Ode to Art and History

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La Louvière, Belgique

“To create this work, I had to work on three levels: past, present, future. Past because, personally, my father worked in the coal mines not far from here. Present, with collective work, and future for the time capsule that will only be opened in 50 years. “

– Françoise Schein

How does this work, deployed in two distinct phases, combine participatory art and historical preservation to honor local history?

For the 150th anniversary of La Louvière, an innovative artistic initiative takes shape under the direction of Françoise Schein and INSCRIRE. “The Banquet of La Louve,” a two-part project, unfolds as a celebration of community, its history, and its diversity.

The first stage of this participatory project involves the creation of a monumental banquet table, stretching 10 meters in length and adorned with 70 ceramic plates. Each plate bears the visual and emotional testimony of a citizen of La Louvière, forming a rich and varied visual narrative of the city. Symbolically linked to the center of the table by a landscape map that depicts various landscape typologies of the La Louvière territory, these plates capture the multiple facets of community life, illustrating the very essence of La Louvière.

This space becomes a point of convergence where residents gather, exchange, and celebrate their belonging to a vibrant and diverse community. Over time, this banquet table will become the silent witness to many shared meals, lively discussions, and moments of conviviality.

In parallel with this living artwork, the second phase of the project focuses on the design of a unique tableware set. Designed as a gastronomic and philosophical time capsule, this set consists of 70 objects that depict the world of 2023. The creation of “The Dowry” consists of a series of 70 plates that offer an analytical look at the world from 50 years ago, prompting reflection on the evolution of society through its contemporary issues.

In collaboration with Miriam Heipertz, an international law specialist and philosopher, this unique component of the project merges visual art with gastronomy, offering a sensory and intellectual experience rich in meaning.

Thus, “The Banquet of La Louve” and “The Mystery of the Dowry” are not simply works of art but living testimonies of the identity and vitality of La Louvière, destined to transcend the boundaries of time and inspire future generations.


Françoise Schein, visual artist and architect, professor at the École Supérieure d’Arts et Médias de Caen/Cherbourg, founder of the Inscrire Association.

Miriam Heipertz, specialist in international law and philosopher.


Lohana Schein
Jean Guevel
Nils Le Bot
Béanie Aubril
Emilien Borel
Thomas Regent

The 70 residents who participated in this creation as well as the Gardens of Astrid, The City of La Louvière, Keramis-Centre de la Céramique et Jacques Gobert, Benoit Goffin, Celine Christiaens, Ludovic Recchia, Gaelle Caplet, Catherine Paradis, Yves Velghe, Thierry Delplancq, Marie Godet, Madame Theirlynck, Achille Chavée, Salvatore Vella, Daniel Pontoreau, Daniel Pelletti, Emilie Meersman et tous ceux qui nous ont aidé à créer cette aventure artistique et humaine.

The Banquet of La Louve and the Mystery of the Dowry are made possible through the participation of