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Unbuilt projects

The Minneapolis and St. Paul circuitry

In 1991 the twin cities of Minneapolis and St Paul launched an open competition for an idea to create a major monument at the entrance gate of the twin cities

Pacific square

An architectural and cartographic project based on the map of Los Angeles

A land mark

An artistic and architectural proposal in the form of a floating island for the town of Holyhead

To Write the Human Rights in Kabul

A project on democracy in Kabul

No one Everyone

Proposal to inscribe the Human Rights within the sidewalk’ stones of Buckingham Palace Road. At the entrance of the adjacent building a human body was to be sculpted by a stone sculptor

Human Rights in the country of Utopia

A project to celebrate the millennium in London: an artwork about the history of the notion of utopia

Human Rights in the country of Gulliver

A project to celebrate the millennium in London: An artwork about the philosophical and imaginary world of Gulliver

To write the Child’s Rights

Proposal for a bilateral Human Rights educational project for swedish and brazilian secondary schools

In the soil of Spain

Proposal for a networks of Human Rights participative artworks along the Madrid subway system

Hear our voices

Monumental perennial sculpture in the shape of a banquet of 18 meters longs for the Municipal Park of the small town of Doylestown in Pennsylvania in the USA