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To write the Child’s Rights

Proposal for a bilateral Human Rights educational project for swedish and brazilian secondary schools

25 November 2020
Year :
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Schools of Stockholm and Brasilia

Since the year 1989, the main objective of the Association Inscrire is to disseminate the Human Rights in the world by creating public monumental and perennial artworks. For the past 20 years, these projects have been produced with the educational participation of youngsters. However, we feel the urge in Brazil to transform the project to reach more population to disseminate the basic democratic notions in all schools. We aim to disseminate our Human Rights Pedagogical tool Kit in the entire Brazilian school system.

Since the year 2000, we have been working at developing our educational program in Brazil through the art of painting onto ceramics. We have created more than 50 of these public projects in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and recently in Brasilia.

To achieve this new objective, we have created an efficient Pedagogical  Kit resuming our methodology and addressed to the teachers and the pupils. The Pedagogical Kit will have a multiplicator effect because it is simple, inexpensive, and easy to use for teachers with youngsters.

After 10 years of its use in Brazil and thanks to its indisputable success, we wish to offer it to the schools of all the states of Brazil. But we need to start in Brasília DF, wherein 2018, we concluded a monumental public artwork on Human Rights created with more than 1000 youngsters from two schools.

Our wish is to ask the World Childhood Foundation for support in this project. Queen Silvia of Sweden is the co-founder of the World Childhood Foundation created in 1999. The Foundation operates in Brazil, Europe, and other continents.

Why this Foundation?
Because the Queen is Brazilian so we would suggest producing similar projects in both countries with 20 schools in Sweden.

Our Pedagogical  Kit offers an easy paper, costless step by step, methodology. The use of this Tool Kit will offer the Human Rights and the Child’s Rights education to all schools of both countries.


Brazilian Ministry of Education
Brazilian Ministry of Culture
Belgian Embassy in Brasilia
Swedish Embassy in Brasilia
Alliance Française in Brasilia
Metro of Stockholm SL Fastigheter
Metropolitano de Brasília


The Queen of Sweden
The World Childhood Foundation
SL Fastigheter


Françoise Schein
Philippe Nothomb

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