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Artist of Human Rights – CIVA, Brussels, Belgium

From February 20 to May 4, 2014

Retrospective exhibition at the CIVA – Centre International pour la Ville et l’Architecture in Brussels about the Françoise Schein and Association Inscrire artwork around the world

From February 20 to May 4, 2014, CIVA presented the work of Françoise Schein and Association Inscrire. 

This first retrospective exhibit presented at CIVA reconstitutes the genesis of a plural work, centered on the one hand, on a geopoetry of the world – real and imaginary cartographies – and on the other, on the Human Rights texts in which the artist reaffirms the essential and foundational element of democracy. She offers a panoramic vision on a big scale of the participative and urban projects developed by Schein and INSCRIRE, but at the same time, it shows the more personal works, sculptures, plans and drawings made in parallel, as well as texts that have guided and inspired her.  

Françoise Schein was also in residence at CIVA during the exhibition. She remarkably led a participative atelier for the teaching and creation with Human Rights, organized for the schools and the public. The atelier worked with schools from the neighborhood to create a panel about the fundamental rights, to be installed as public art in the Ixelles-Germoir region. 

At that moment CIVA and Mardaga co-edited a publication retracing almost 30 years of artistic and civic practices. The book is conducted by a dialogue between the art critic Vincent Cartuyvels and Françoise Schein. The philosopher Jean Attali presents the fundamental concepts in the artist and the association’s work. 

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