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A city as a tree

This human rights wall was built in the center of Ramallah as a metaphor for nature, human beings and freedom

Year :
Location :
Municipal Theater, Ramallah

This project is a modest step towards the construction of Palestine as an independent country.
The artwork was designed as an almond tree, a symbolic tree for Palestine, and was produced with the participation of the International Academy of Art Palestine, the Palestinian Technical College, Birzeit University and the residents of Ramallah.

The map of the city is shaped as a tree for world peace, with as many branches and leaves as the articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights written in 1948 after the war. Each leaf of the almond tree was imagined and painted by a student from three schools. Under the tree, we wrote the poem “The Hoopoe” by the great Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwich (Arabic, French and English texts).

The Belgian Consulate and Ramallah City Hall are the main initiators and sponsors of this creation, which are permanently installed on the outer wall of the Municipal Theater.


Françoise Schein
Katia de Radiguès
Fatin Farhad
Sally Abubakr
100 étudiants palestiniens


Galerie Al-Mahatt
Fondation A.M.Qattan
Consulat de France
Consulat de Belgique
Patrick Girard
Jean Philippe Guillat
Fatin Farhad
Sally Abubakr


Consulat général de Belgique
Mairie de Ramallah
Janet Mikhail, maire de Ramallah


Françoise Schein
Katia de Radiguès