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Beautiful stories

Participatory artwork about Human Rights and local history with the Alliance Française of Nova Friburgo

23 November 2020
Year :
Location :
Tourist office, Nova Friburgo

BEAUTIFUL STORIES was created thanks to the initiative of Philippe Nothomb, the President of our Brazilian team, and Annette Bordage Bessa, founder of the Alliance Française in the small mountain town of Nova Friburgo.
Together, they decided to create in 2018, an artwork to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the Alliance Française, the 70th anniversary of human rights, and the 200th anniversary of the Nova Friburgo Foundation. 

Beautiful Histories also recalls the Brazilian history in the 18th and 19th centuries with European immigrants, including men and women who fled Switzerland because of starvation.
An educational team was formed and the project raised all the necessary funds and energy. 

Participatory workshops were created in the Alliance Française building with as many Alliance Française teachers as Inscrire pedagogues. 

The artwork is a mountain landscape similar to the Três Picos, whose 3 peaks represent the 3 celebrations: 200 years, 70 years, and 40 years.
It is permanently installed on the façade of the tourist office in the city center and has become a heritage site for Nova Friburgo.


Philippe Nothomb
Ana-Claudia Medeiros
Malu França
Moema Quintanilha
Ana Ignacio
Françoise Schein


Annette Bordage Bessa
Alliance Française de Nova Friburgo
70 ans de la Déclaration des droits Humains
200 ans de la Fondation de Nova Friburgo
Oz Produção
Collège Sainte Croix, Fribourg, Suisse
Madalena Bento de Mello
Rudolf Weiss
Romann Datus


Swiss Consulate
French Consulate
Alliance Française of Nova Friburgo
City hall of Nova Friburgo


Philippe Nothomb
Annette Bordage