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Circles for life

A participative artwork for the facade of Resto du Coeur of Laeken

23 November 2020
Year :
Location :
Resto du Coeur, Brussels

Laeken’s “Resto du Cœur” proposal involves works installed on the facade of the building, and a participatory art workshop to create a collection of plates.

The proposal of the facade is the symbol of the building. It is formed with a vertical ceramic line, including circles evoking the question of the meal. The large red letters L I F E are intermingled in the circles.

A surprising collection of hand-painted boards is displayed on the interior wall of the restaurant. The artistic plates are painted by residents during a participative workshop organized by INSCRIRE and installed in a ceramic atelier in the building.

Starting with the concept of ​​”Resto du Coeur” expressing the basic needs of people to “eat”, the project reproduces one of the utensils of the meal multiplying it and transforming it into a decorative element, just like in the magnificent collections of porcelain plates and object of the  Palais de Santos in Lisbon and the Charlottenburg Museum in Berlin.

Let’s give beauty to everyone. Unfortunately we didn’t get the project.


CPAS de Bruxelles