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Since 1999, Inscrire association has developed a project to write the fundamental rights into the underprivileged neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro

3 December 2020
Year :
1999 - 2003
Location :
Favelas, Morros, Rio de Janeiro

Our project was part of a large program of the city of Rio de Janeiro, the APD (Assistance to Disadvantaged Populations) program created in 1998 following the Favela-Bairro program (favelas-districts program) established in 1995. Its purpose was to integrate favelas in the city. The success of these two programs was due to their flexibility and their partnerships with numerous NGOs and civil society.

Since 2000, Inscrire and its Cariocas associates, in collaboration with the city of Rio, have created various urban and participatory projects about human rights and Brazilian culture. We worked in several communities: Vidigal, Vila Benjamin Constant, Vila Parque da Cidade, Vila União da Paz, Villa Moretti, Vila São Bento, Providência and Copacabana. Our artistic process of painting on ceramics always leads to the production of perennial public perennial artworks applied on the facades of the private houses and/or the city walls.

In Copacabana we created a 200 sq m artwork, with a huge portrait of a black capoeirista, to reaffirm the power and influence of African culture in Brazil. This project is now part of the city’s monuments. It was recognized by the United Nations in Rio (UNIC-Rio) as a strong educational identity. Our artwork was a pioneer in the year 2000 and opened up these neighborhoods to city life: today, Vidigal can count on many popular bars and restaurants !

More than 500 inhabitants worked with us to create these artworks and it was a great success, which in 2003 led to the creation of a permanent workshop the Azulejaria, whose participants, after a few years, declared their willingness to become independent from Inscrire. The group of women wished to continue the project by themselves. Therefore, we provided them with all our acquired material to help them further develop their production, and we created a new entity to achieve our goals.

In 2002, the IAB – Institute of Architecture of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, offered us an exhibition: The Angels of Rio.


High Council for International Cooperation Award, Paris, France, 2000 
— Association Inscrire, Vidigal project distinguished by the French Prime Minister.


Françoise Schein, artist
Laura Taves, local manager
Katia de Radiguès, assistant
Jorge Jauregui, architect
Association of the inhabitants of each favelas
Social articulators of the favelas
Many volunteers   


NGO Enda Brazil
Paulo Knauss, President of Enda Brazil
Marc Pottier, Cultural Attaché of the French Consulate
IAB-Institute of Architecture of Brazil
IAIERJ- Institute of Architecture and Engineering of Rio de Janeiro
Nos do Morro and Guti Fraga
Abobada projetos


European Commission, ODA programme
Municipality of Rio de Janeiro
Inter-American Development Bank
French Consulate
Prefecture of the  Region Île de France
Carrefour Solidarity Foundation
Eliane, ceramic factory
Bunge Alimentos
Metro de Rio-Rio Trilhos
AG-Andrade Guttierez


Françoise Schein
André Couto
Rita Anderaos
Ana Ignacio
Philippe Nothomb