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European borders and Human Rights Subway Station in Brussels

26 November 2020
Year :
Location :
Parvis de St Gilles, Brussels

The Dyads project is located in the European capital Brussels, in a popular neighborhood, at the Parvis de St.Gilles Subway Station. 

This artwork is defined around a double theme: the dyad, which means the combination of two concepts complementing each other, here: the Human Rights and the European borders. 

The Dyads artwork is composed of 1600m2 of blue ceramics. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is written in white letters with no space, while a long abstract line crosses the station several times.
This line in the form of an encephalogram represents all European borders, drawn one after the other. A layered artwork in which the European countries’ borders are intertwined in a subtle combination of lines. 

When a traveler enters the subway station, his eyes are immediately attracted by Erasmus quotes: “Speed up slowly” and “If you want to have honey, bear with the trouble of bees”. Then, as he goes deep underground, he walks between the platforms made of thousands of letters and a long abstract white line wrapped around the space. He then realizes, like Janus and his double faces, that the continent he lives in is made up of two cornerstones: democracy and borders.

The Saint Gilles subway station marks the beginning of an arborescence work for Françoise Schein and the association Inscrire.
The subway is the most democratic network. It is vital for cities. It makes them fluid and organizes their movements. It also creates possible encounters. It lives like the arteries of an organ.


Belgian Libre Academy Award, 1998
— For the overall work and its  contribution to contemporary urban architecture


STIB – Société des transports de Bruxelles
CAID – Commission artistique des infrastructures de déplacement


Francoise Schein