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Ethical foundations

This participatory work was carried out by young children in a Cape Verdean community in Lisbon

30 November 2020
Year :
Location :
Cova da Moura, Lisbonne

This small cape Verdean neighborhood is close to Lisbon and located on the top of a hill. It’s defined and identified by its unique urban structure.

In 1987, Lieve Meersschaert created a community and a cultural center called Moinho da Juventude (Youth Windmill). Since then, many activities have been carried out, including our project Traves Mestras (Portuguese idiom) which can be translated into Ethical Foundations.

The project was created in two steps: the first part was carried out by Rita Pedro, who organized philosophy workshops for children, where they discussed and thought about the foundations of life. Our team used the words and images presented by the children and converted them onto very colorful ceramics during participatory workshops.

The artwork is located in the center of the cultural center. The colorful creations of the children reflect the young generation’s ideas about their community.


Lieve Meersschaert, Founder of Moinho da Juventude
Rita Pedro, philosopher for kids



Metropolitano de Lisboa