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Fraternity Door

Construction of a monumental artistic-photographic door for the entrance of a primary school in Brussels

24 November 2020
Year :
Location :
Schaerbeek, Brussels

The artwork expresses the philosophy of this Catholic school, which is open to the local Muslim and North African population. By creating this door in yellow glass and images, the artwork acts as a welcoming gesture towards all the inhabitants.

Until 2000 the Fraternity’s Saint Mary’s Institute was hidden behind an awful parking door, a border entry space between parents, children, and the educational group. This place had always been an important animation area but it remained unwelcoming and inaccessible for mothers.

Invited by the association Accrochages and Catherine Fache, to work with students, the artist F.Schein sensed the problem of the barrier at the entrance of the school. She, therefore, suggested a doorway artwork based on the themes of transparency, hospitality, and life stories.

The design of the new glass door integrates images that reflect the family’ s encounters and dialogues: stories of migration, journeys, foreign countries, memories in images, texts, objects, and music… The word SCHOOL appears in large letters to unite the images.

The door was designed with a triple function: to protect students from the exterior, it is a window that enables parents to see their children, it is also a symbol of diversity and fraternity.

This project changed how the residents valued the school and brought a yellow square into the center of the street.


Katia de Radiguès
Catherine Fache, Accrochages
A.S.B.L Accrochages
Steve Jacobs, architecte
A.S.B.L Renovas
Schüco International
Publi Joni


Contrat de quartier Brabant-Verte
Commune de Schaerbeek
Région Bruxelles Capitale
Fonds d’Impulsion à la Politique des Immigrés – FIPI
Fondation Roi Baudouin


Françoise Schein
Catherine Fache
Directrice de l’école
Katia de Radiguès