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An artistic project for the Gare du Midi market in Brussels

22 November 2020
Year :
Location :
Station Brussels-Midi, Brussels

The plaza is located in front of Brussels-Midi station and it needed to be redesigned. The city of Brussels organized a competition.

Because this square is densely occupied by a huge and very popular market on weekends, we decided to propose a project based on the various cultures represented by market sellers and customers. That meant a large and diverse Europe made of 38 countries within the world.

To be able to make room for the open market, we propose to create 4 punctual circular kiosks, with images representing the map of the European continent in the form of music partitions. We used 4 colors: black for North, yellow for East, blue for South, and red for West.

To create a visual sense of space under the dark platform of the train, we suggest installing a huge photograph of the sky with white clouds seen from an airplane.


City of Brussels
Ministry of Communications and Infrastructure