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Take care of her

An esthetical proposal about ecology and the urge to change of way of living towards a greater consciousness for recycling procedures

30 November 2020
Year :
Location :
Primary School rue Keller, Paris

Anesthetic artwork on ecology and the necessity to change lifestyles to raise awareness of recycling procedures. Our project was conceived as a large public sign on the wall of a primary school in Paris. It is a work composed of images and texts and made from recycled plastic. It is a response to the “Embellir Paris” competition held in the city of Paris.

Being aware that today any artistic proposal needs to consider the social and ecological changes, to improve the conditions of future generations, we designed a huge city sign about these concepts. The project “Take care of her” means “Take care of the earth”.

We combined our expertise with those of SAS Minimum, a young start-up company founded by 4 young French architects. They are making a new material from recycled plastic found in oceans and garbages areas. Their material is the background for the message that we are addressing: RECYCLE, TAKE CARE OF HER, CREATE.

On the panel, one can see two huge globes of the earth, made in recycled plastic. Across the entire panel, there are hundreds of small figures which represent the Darwin evolution system of the living creatures.


Thomas Regent, architecte
Françoise Schein, artiste
Lohana Schein, ingénierie culturelle
SAS Minimum, le Pavé ® plastique recyclé
Marty Ilievski, perman perspectiviste


Ville de Paris
Embellir Paris