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The way to the Human Rights Rio

To create an urban symbolic monument with an educational action in Copacabana

3 December 2020
Year :
Location :
Siqueira Campos subway station, Rio de Janeiro

This project exhibits Human Rights in the heart of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Located at the famous Copacabana district, at the entrance of the Siqueira Campos subway station, the artwork presents a huge map of the neighborhood with images of underprivileged people. On the panel hand-painted images are created by people and selected from slavery history. At street level, one can read the hand-painted text of Human Rights. The project is a block away from the Copacabana Palace, the city’s most prestigious hotel, and a block away from several favelas with thousands of poor inhabitants. 

Three figures were chosen to represent the concept of the project: a black man who represents the Brazilian labor force, an old black lady who has known slavery, she is the grandmother of Françoise Schein’s adopted daughter and a young girl who represents the country’s hope for a better future.

A large part of the mural is covered by a poem by the poet Arnaldo Antunes, who lives in São Paulo.

Built-in 2003 just before Lula’s election, this panel was accepted by the public and became part of Rio’s landmark. 


Françoise Schein
Laura Taves
Katia de Radiguès
Nathalie Kahn
Rosana Zouain
Elisa Yasbeck
Marcelo Modol
Sebastião de Oliveira
Samuel da Silva
Leonardo William de Paula Lucas
Taminis Custodio Siqueira
Lucia Camille

Lohana Schein
Dona Irène


Enda Brasil
Paulo Knauss
Ada Bazan
Prefeitura de Rio de Janeiro
IEERJ Instituto Estadual dos ingenieros de Rio de Janeiro
Jorge Ricardo dos Santos
IABRJ, Institut des architectes du Brésil de Rio de Janeiro
Patricia Arker, graphic designer
Rio Trilhos
Governo do Estado de Rio de Janeiro


Subway Rio de Janeiro
Eliane Céramique
Company Bünge
City hall of Paris
Région Île de France
France Création Contemporaine
AFAA- Association française d’action artistique
French consulate in Rio
The French Embassy in Brasilia
Ministry of Culture, France
The European Commission’s program of public development
The Carrefour Solidarity Foundation
Fondation de France
Fondation La Ferthé
Fondation Un monde pour tous
AG-Andrade Gutierrez