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The tree of knowledge on the façade of the Media Library of Les Mureaux

1 December 2020
Year :
Location :
Media Library, Mureaux, France

Murmures is a project designed and produced by Françoise Schein with the participation of 150 residents of Les Mureaux.

This project was imagined by the artist to offer to the population of the city, the opportunity to learn about many images and subjects, that can be found in the library located inside the municipal media library: the images chosen by the residents are about historical, botanical, zoological, social, political, scientific, literary and artistic themes.

By borrowing, manipulating, and adjusting the images in the murals, the general artwork becomes a tree of knowledge, so it is often drawn in the wisdom history of the encyclopedia. Although the original form was a tree, the map of the city was actually turned upside down, like a plant on the Seine River.

By participating in the construction of this huge tree, the artist and the city offered the population the opportunity to create a collection of new and original images that reflect their personal interests.

The Tree has become a large section of the façade of the media library of the new Cultural Centre of the city of Les Mureaux and informs people of its contents through the chosen theme.

A team of specialists working with an innovative methodology has been specially designed to offer the population easy access to the artist’s studio and the possibility for each participant to make and insert his or her productions into the general design.


Françoise Schein
Nada Moucataff
Jean Guevel
Annabelle Bot
Jean Ohl
Omar Camara
Lohana Schein
120 habitants de la ville


Ville des Mureaux
Cécile Fernandez
Marianne Cantau
Le Maire des Mureaux François Garay


Françoise Schein
Omar Camara