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Pedagogical kit

Our Artists Book and our School Kit offer a playful artistic method to teach citizenship and human rights questions

TO RIGHTS THE HUMAN RIGHTS is an artistic project which consists in rethinking the place of each person in society and their participation in the creation of a harmonious life between the living beings and the world. It aims at disseminating the issues of rights and duties of human beings among themselves and towards the earth, through art.

Created in 1989 by Françoise Schein, then developed by the association Inscrire, THE ARTIST’S BOOK FOR HUMAN RIGHTS and THE HUMAN RIGHTS KIT FOR SCHOOLS are accessible to all those who wish to participate. Anyone who is passionate about the project can become the project leader and create it in his/her community, with friends, in school and with his/her family.

Our reflective and creative workshops and their resulting artworks are produced by passionate people who believe in dignity, fraternity, equality, solidarity and citizenship.


Our Kit to create your “Artists’ Book for Human Rights” allows you to work with a very large number of participants and at no cost, as all you need is paper and colored pencils.
Several types of activities can result: an exhibition of all the drawings, a competition and a prize for the best drawings, a craft book that gathers all the drawings and a digital catalog shared on the internet.

Those who wish to participate in this project are welcome to organize their work independently under an open partnership license granted by INSCRIRE

> Download Artists’ Book for Human Rights in French (A4)
> Download Artists’ Book for Human Rights in Portuguese (A4)


For over 20 years we have been teaching and working in close collaboration with school teaching teams to develop our Human Rights Pedagogical Kit.

The kit is made up of 3 files that will guide you in teaching human rights through art.
– The guide for teachers will help you understand our approach to teaching human rights.
– The guide for students brings together the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
– The artists’ book that you can print and distribute in your classes so that each student can draw their article there.

If you want to create a lasting ceramic work, a participatory workshop is organized by the team of the INSCRIRE association. Information is available upon request.

You are parents of pupils, students, teacher, principals, an association and you want to offer this project in your school:

> Download the teachers’ guide in French
> Download the teachers’ guide in Portuguese

> Download the student book in French
> Download the student book in Portuguese

> Download the artists’ book for schools in French (A3)
> Download the artists’ book for schools in Portuguese (A3)

> Download the PowerPoint presentation step by step for schools in French

To know more…

Tell us what human rights mean to you and your friends and what you have done to change the world.

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