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Fragment of a library in love

A artwork on rights for the lawyers’ office in Brussels

21 November 2020
Year :
Location :
Lawyers’ office, Brussels

The Lawyers’ office was built with extensive glass use for each of the lawyers’ specific rooms, which created a beautiful and decorative environment, but does not provide enough intimacy for each person.

We were asked to invent a way to create this intimacy by partially obliterating the glass walls. We decided to adopt a participatory methodology applicable to law firms.

The concept was to create a main theme and design around which all the 27 lawyers would participate and choose specific quotes related to justice, love, or utopia.  Then, each office glass wall would receive a particular design using the text chosen by the lawyer, combined with one or more images related to the concept. Unfortunately, due to interned management reasons, the project was not built.


Jeanine Windey
All the 27 lawyers of the firm participated


Buyle Legal