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Educational and artistic artwork commissioned by the institution's board as part of the building's renovation

25 November 2020
Year :
2016 - 2021
Location :
IPPJ, Fraipont

For many years, the association INSCRIRE has been working in an environment of protection and education of young offenders,  prompting young people to think about the issues of citizenship, justice, equality, dignity, freedom, and duty.

In 2016, the FWB-Commission for the Integration of Artistic Works appointed us to carry out an artistic intervention at the IPPJ -Institution Publique de protection de la Jeunesse in Fraipont. 

The site is nestled in a wood, at the edge of the Ardennes and offers differentiated care for minors who have committed an infraction. It welcomes 78 teenagers aged between 12 and 18 years old. The mentoring is provided by a great multidisciplinary team of educators, trainers and supervisors.

The site is located in the woods near the Ardennes and provides care for 78 teenagers aged 12-18 who have committed infractions. Mentoring is provided by a great multidisciplinary team of educators, trainers, and supervisors.

The artwork, made of drawn tiles, is displayed in various places on the site, including the façade of the castle, on the benches located near each accommodation section and in the agora, a daily meeting place for young people.

With the support of the excellent educators of the Institution, we initiated workshops where the young people were able to express their personal experiences and their challenges. Each drawing reflects a strong personal narrative often challenging but also with a positive outcome. Drawing becomes a tool for expression, communication, and sharing between the young people and the educational teams. Thanks to this new synergy, happiness emerges during these psycho-artistic work sessions.


IPPJ – Institutions publiques de protection de la jeunesse
Dominique Helin,  IPPJ Director
Atelier d’Architecture Daniel Delgoffe, lauréat du marché d’architecture
Camille Steyaert, ceramist
Patrick Watteeuw, film director
Hanié Kazemi, artist
Beatriz Maida Pacas, project management
Cherlie Rivage, project management
Ana Tuccio, art student and assistant


Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, FWB
Cellule Architecture


Francoise Schein
Daniel Delgoffe
Dominique Helin