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The way to the Human Rights

A monument for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. A commission from the United Nations Development Programme

3 December 2020
Year :
Location :
Galeria dos Estados subway station, Brasilia

After many years of successful work in the artistic and pedagogical urban creation about Human Rights, the Association INSCRIRE was selected by UNESCO and mandated by the UNDP of Brazil, to create with the Ministry of Human Rights and Citizenship, a monumental public artwork, for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

The work “O Caminho dos Direitos Humanos” (The Way of Human Rights) is installed at the Galeria dos Estados subway exit, in the central district of the South Wing – Asa Sul of Brasilia. 

It is composed of more than 110 square meters of hand-painted ceramics. The images were created by nearly 1000 students from two public schools in Brasilia, under the coordination of the artist Françoise Schein, founder of Inscrire, Philippe Nothomb, and Ana Ignacio. Two other small panels on human rights were also created and installed in the two schools. 

To create this monument to democracy located in the heart of the Brazilian capital, we used our Education Kit. The methodology of this Pedagogical Kit allows all middle and high school students to contribute to the first part of the “paper” project, followed by an exhibition in the school and a competition to select the winners who will be invited to participate in the ceramic project.
This method has the great benefit of involving the whole school, teachers, students, parents, and friends.

The monumental wall and its two satellites were inaugurated with the presence of the Human Rights Minister, Gustavo Rocha, the Federal District Governor, Rodrigo Rollemberg, UNESCO’s Coordinator of Human and Social Sciences in Brazil, Fábio Eon, the Belgian ambassador, Patrick Herman, the Sweden ambassador, the Alliance française Director, the Brasília Metro president, Marcelo Contreiras de Almeida Dourado, the National Secretary of Citizenship of the Ministry of Human Rights, Herbert Barros, the Human Rights Ministry National Secretary for Citizenship, Marcelo Dias Varella, the Inscrire representative in Brazil, Philippe Nothomb, and the Inscrire local team. 

All the students and teachers attended the event on 27 November 2018, shortly before the new President of the Republic took office.


Philippe Nothomb
Ana Ignacio
Moema Quintanilha
Francoise Schein
Rita Anderaos
Jayro Botelho


Subway Brasilia
Ministry of Human Rights
Department of Citizenship
Schools :Gisno da Asa Norte e CED11 de Ceilandia
The Metropolitano de Brasilia


PNUD, United Nations Development Programme
Government of the Federal District of Brasilia
Swedish Embassy
Belgian Embassy
Alliance Française


Françoise Schein
Philippe Nothomb
André Couto

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