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Ceramics in Matalana

Ceramic artwork about Human Rights in Matalana

25 November 2020
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Fundação Malangatana, Matalana

In 2007, Karin Monteiro, a Portuguese active woman in Mozambique, asked if we could create a ceramic project about Human Rights in Matalana, a rural small area. Matalan is located about 60 kilometers north of the capital, Maputo.

Karin Monteiro was extremely enthusiastic to create a Human Rights project in Mozambique, and we were looking for suitable human and technical conditions for this project.
Architect Pancho Guedes designed a dream building for the Fundação Malangatana in Matalana, which will be adjacent to the existing Centro Cultural de Matalana.
The famous Mozambican artist Malangatana Ngwenya was born in Matalana and is the most recognized artist in his country and Portugal.  When we met, he was still alive. He was very supportive of our project to create ceramic workshops to produce artworks about Human Rights with the participation of local people.

The foundation was interested in the construction of a permanent kiln,  which would remain equipment for the cultural center,  making other panels for “Inscrire” and activities for local artists and students.  Unfortunately, we have never participated in this project because Malangatana passed away in 2011 before we could start the project.


Fundação Malangatana
Karin Monteiro
Centro Cultural de Matalana
Malangatana Ngwenya, artist
Karin Monteiro


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