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Linnaeus at the Green Queen’s Park

An artistic and pedagogical proposal for the Green Queen's Park in Schaerbeek

22 November 2020
Year :
Location :
Schaerbeek, Brussels

The Green Queen’s Park location is a piece of land that connects two streets to a hilly neighborhood of Schaerbeek. The park connects the Reine plaza where the Sainte Marie church is built and the rue Verte. It is located very near the North station, a very popular and underprivileged neighborhood. The neighborhood needs a park.

The project intends to create a very natural park in which one may connect with Linnaeus historical plant classification system. The project was imagined in collaboration with landscape architect Lena Soffer and the Grumbach architectural office of Paris. The project was an invitation from the Municipality to participate in the Schaerbeek competition for the park. We decided to create a landmark park around botanical  history. The design starts with the new name of the park, which implies its educational purpose.

It is divided into several areas according to the garden’ slope:

1-At the higher part of the park and juxtaposed to the gardener’s house, there is a vegetable and a flowers’ garden, open to the public and schools. The flowers section is educational and centered on the plant classification system of Carl von Linné.
2-A small oval open plaza is at the beginning of the downhill slope to the zigzag and sloping paths of the garden, surrounded by wild and perennial herbs, flowers, and plants.
3-A skateboard area and a dog’s place is reserved for these activities.
4-The bottom of the park opens on another oval plaza.


Antoine Grumbach & associés
Lena Sofer, paysagiste


Municipality of Schaerbeek
Brabant Vert Sustainable Neighbourhood Contract