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To write the Human Rights in Belgium

An international participatory project network about Human Rights and duties among human beings and towards the earth

26 November 2020
Year :
In development since 1989
Location :
Worldwide project

TO WRITE THE HUMAN RIGHTS is a worldwide artistic project which includes a pedagogical method. It can be implemented on various scales: a  large subway station, on city walls, on a school wall, in museums, as urban furniture, in parks, and at home with families. 

TO WRITE THE HUMAN RIGHTS is to rethink the people’s social role and their participation to create a harmonious life between beings and the world. Through art, its purpose is to raise awareness of the rights and duties of human beings among themselves and for the earth. This project is accessible to all those who, by their enthusiasm and philosophy of hope, wish to become project leaders by sharing it and creating it with their friends, community, responsible institutions, teachers of their children’s schools, and collectives.

Why Belgium? Because Françoise Schein is Belgian and because after the creation of her subway station at Parvis St. Gilles, a local team wanted to pursue this project in Belgian schools.

TO WRITE THE HUMAN RIGHTS is designed as 2 distinct and complementary projects:

1-The paper workshop :

It allows you to work with a large number of participants at no cost, as you only need paper and pencils. Several activities can result, including a contest and the selection of the best drawings.
> See our pedagogical kit available for free access here

2-The ceramic workshop and design of a public artwork :

If the project initiator seeks to create a perennial ceramic artwork and obtains public and/or private funding, Inscrire will organize a participatory workshop. The artwork is then installed permanently in public spaces. We usually organize the two workshops one after another, which allows us to reach a large number of participants. 
Information available upon request by email


Ixelles, Germination/ Keiming in a Square
The Belgian team suggested to the commune of Ixelles to create a work on its territory. After much discussion, a small square was found adjacent to the Germoir bridge, which inspired the concept of this work on citizenship. It was created with students from the Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer and the Edmond Peeters Secondary School in Ixelles and members of the Den Teirling Association. The artwork is placed on the facade of a private house directly overlooking the square. Urban Cyclo and Rénovation Urbaine Ixelles, wanted to rehabilitate this space to transform its use from a neglected place into a leisure park for the neighborhood. The ceramic artwork presents enigmatic foliage like a germinating plant whose meaning and stakes should be interpreted and questioned by our contemporaries.

Ottignies-Louvain-la Neuve
Initiated by Philippe Nothomb who in 2010 submitted a project proposal to the city, this project is a commission from Ottignies in 2013. The Belgian team lead by Madame de Radiguès created an artwork with the participation of students from the Lycée Martin V, the Athénée Royale of Ottignies, and an association of elderly people.

Anderlecht, What do we want? Aumale subway station
This artwork is a unique creative experience, with a methodology designed in multiple layers of pedagogical transmission. While transcribing in images the European Union’s Charter of Fundamental Rights, the project ” What do we want? ” encourages us to reflect with these aspiring young people on what we want for our continent?
It is a project of great philosophical and civic significance through its content and participatory production methodology in a thousand educational layers: the little ones teach the young people who are part of a work created by the adult. Or is it the other way around?
The participants: the Ecole Supérieure de l’Image le 75, three municipal schools of Anderlecht, the Athénée Bracops-Lambert, the École Bracops-Lambert and the Marius Renard Institut. The final 50m2 artwork  is located at the exit of the Aumale subway in Anderlecht.  

Verviers, in the SNCB station
A ceramic artwork on the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights created with the students of two local schools: l’Institut St. Michel and the Athénée Thil Lorrain.
The initiative was supported by the WBI and by the city of Verviers, which is the hometown of the project initiator, Katia de Radiguès.  

Laeken, façade of the Paul Henri Spaak Institute.
Mind Mosaic – Mind your Rights is a participatory ceramic artwork on the European Charter of Fundamental Rights created with students of the Institut Henri Spaak. Brainstorming workshops were created by the philosophy teachers Nadine Monteyne and Corinne Vida as a preparation for the ceramics ateliers. This project was commissioned by the European Commission as part of a joint project with the Generation Europe Foundation involving 7 European countries: Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Romania, and Estonia. 11000 of young people from the seven countries were able to participate in this project.


Royal Academy of Sciences Designation, Arts and Letters of Belgium, 2016
— Françoise Schein elected associate member. 

Belgian Libre Academy Award, 1998
— For the overall work and its  contribution to contemporary urban architecture


Support and partners vary for each project:
Educational institutions
Minister of Education
Minister of Culture
Thierry Couvreur and “Les Voies de la Liberté”, ASBL
Den Teirling Association
Into Image Association
Association Les Voies de la Liberté
International Center of the City and Architecture CIVA
Artistic Commission for Travel Infrastructures
Maelbeek Sustainable Neighbourhood Contract
Alderman for Culture
Ecole supérieure de l’image le 75
Generation Europe Foundation
Cultural Service of the City of Brussels
Société de Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles STIB
International Association of Public Transport UITP
Université Catholique de Louvain UCL
Urban Cyclo & Co – Germoir d’ Ixelles Neighbourhood Association
Schools: Ecole Professionnelle Edmond Peters, Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer Section Primaire (Ixelles), Ecole Bracops-Lambert, Athénée Bracops-Lambert, l’Institut Marius Renard (Anderlecht) Ecole, Ecole Les Lycée IPHC- Institut Paul Henri Spaak (Laeken), Lycée Martin V, Athénée Royale de Ottignie antenne Lauzelle (Louvain-la-Neuve), L’Institut St Michel, Athénée Thil Lorrain (Verviers) 


Sponsors vary for each project:
Educational institutions
Town halls of the cities
Public and private funds
EU Commission
City of Ottignies
City of Verviers
Brussels City
Municipality of Anderlecht
Commune of Ixelles
Suzanne and Louise Mattelart Fund
Wallonie Brussels International WBI


Françoise Schein
Camille Steyaerts
Galerie de Lo
Katia de Radiguès

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