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To Write the Human Rights in Romania

MIND MOSAIC-MIND YOUR RIGHTS is a European project which is part of our global project TO WRITE THE HUMAN RIGHTS

30 November 2020
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Numerous cities in 7 European countries including Greece

MIND MOSAIC-MIND YOUR RIGHTS and TO WRITE THE HUMAN RIGHTS is to rethink the people’s social role and their participation to create a harmonious life between beings and the world. Through art, its purpose is to raise awareness of the rights and duties of human beings among themselves and for the earth. This project is accessible to all those who, by their enthusiasm and philosophy of hope, wish to become project leaders by sharing it and creating it with their friends, community, responsible institutions, teachers of their children’s schools, and collectives.

Why Romania?  We made a partnership with the GEF – Generation Europe Foundation, which has established a network of partners across the 27 European countries. Together, to further develop our methodology, we responded to the request of the European Commission, to expand our Pedagogical Kit and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, through art with GEF network in France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Ireland, Greece, and Romania.

This project teaches the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, through our Pedagogical Kit. It has reached 237 schools, 583 teachers, and 11300 students in these 7 countries.

MIND MOSAIC-MIND YOUR RIGHTS is designed as 2 distinct and complementary projects:

1-The paper workshop:
allows you to work with a large number of participants at no cost, as you only need paper and pencils. In Romania 73 schools participated. An inter-school competition identified 3 winning schools: Mihai Viteazul School in Targoviste, the Regina Elisabeta School in Radauti and St.O.Iosif School in Brasov to create an artistic project with a Romanian artist. See our pedagogical kit available in free access here.

2-Workshops with an Romenian artist, Mario Leonte
Each award-winning school organized a week-long workshop where students could collaborate with artist Mario Leonte to learn how to digitally draw the Charter’s ideas. In Romania, 78 schools, 231 teachers, and 5,231 students participated in the event. Information available upon request by email.


Generation Europe Romania
Ministry of Education

Mario Leonte, artist
The 73 schools in Romania, including:
School “Mihai Viteazul”, Targoviste
Regina Elisabeta School, Radauti.
St.O.Iosif” School, Brasov


European Commission DG JLS (Justice & Home Affairs)
The cities where the works are installed



Françoise Schein
Katia de Radiguès

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