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What do we want?

To write the Fundamental Rights at the Aumale subway station in Brussels with the participation of students from 3 municipal schools of Anderlecht and students from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts de l’Image le 75

24 November 2020
Year :
Location :
Subway Aumale, Anderlecht, Brussels

WHAT DO WE WANT? is a project commissioned by the Commune of Anderlecht. It is an ambitious pedagogical public art project based on the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and permanently installed outside Aumale’s subway station.

We imagined a very particular methodology of production, in 3 steps and through successive layers of transmissions between the artist, the students of the art school 75 and the pupils of 3 communal schools of Anderlecht.  

Initially, the students of the 3 schools, under the supervision of their teachers, drew the 50 articles of the European Charter.
Then a huge photo studio was set up in a location provided by the municipality of Anderlecht, where the school pupils met the photography students from the school 75.

Each pair of photographers worked with a high school group to create a theatrical and artistic image based on the drawings of the youngest.  Touch-ups and adjustments were made by the older students who explained the different software programs to the younger ones. Finally, the photographs were converted into silkscreen prints on tiles by the students of the photo-silk screen printing department of School 75. The experience was exciting! 

This layered method allowed the production of transversal creations between levels of participants and artistic techniques.

The final 60m2 artwork was designed by the Association Inscrire and permanently installed in front of the entrance of the Aumale subway station in Anderlecht.

This project is not only artistic, educational, innovative, and rewarding for those who took part in it, but it also reaches a large and growing number of the public, thanks to its visibility in a high-traffic area.


L’école Supérieure de l’Image le 75 – Woluwé St Lambert
Three Communal Schools of Anderlecht: École Bracops-Lambert, Athénée Bracops-Lambert, L’Institut Marius Renard
Vincent Cartuyvels, art historian
Artitude Gallery
Expert géomètres
Isabelle Carton, architect
Entreprise Moury Laeken
DITP – Direction des Infrastructures des transports Publics


Françoise Schein
Vincent Cartuyvels