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Finalized projects


European borders and Human Rights Subway Station in Brussels

To write the Human Rights in Belgium

An international participatory project network about Human Rights and duties among human beings and towards the earth

The Great Banquet

A participatory artwork in the form of a banquet table created with the Centrale for Contemporary Art and permanently installed on the Place Sainte Catherine in Brussels

Food for citizens !

Creation of a Collection of 200 hand-painted plates offered by the students to the University


Educational and artistic artwork commissioned by the institution's board as part of the building's renovation

The explorations, Park subway

This subway station is dedicated to the 3 centuries of Portuguese explorations around the world juxtaposed to Human Rights

To Write the Human Rights in Ireland

MIND MOSAIC-MIND YOUR RIGHTS is a European project which is part of our global project TO WRITE THE HUMAN RIGHTS

Monument for Martissant

Creation of a monumental Human Rights Wall with the participation of Martissant's middle school students

Wonders and darkness from here

An artistic and cultural journey through an illustrated legend created with children from Houffalize

What do we want?

To write the Fundamental Rights at the Aumale subway station in Brussels with the participation of students from 3 municipal schools of Anderlecht and students from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts de l’Image le 75