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Finalized projects

To Write the Human Rights in Greece

MIND MOSAIC-MIND YOUR RIGHTS is a European project which is part of our global project TO WRITE THE HUMAN RIGHTS

To Write the Human Rights – Messages in a bottle

In 2000, Barbara Reiter launched a project for elementary school children by sending a simple text to school teachers in some Asian and European countries

The thousand plateaus of Gilles

Design of a hand-painted faience "Meal trays" collection on the history of the Museum, by the artist F.Schein, the Association Inscrire, and the participation of 160 employees of the Museum

The garden of Human Rights

German philosopher Barbara Reiter and sociologist Witha Winter von Gregory organized the creation of this significant bronze artwork along the path of Bremen’s famous Rhododendron Park

Germination Kieming

Ceramic public artwork about the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union for the Municipality of Ixelles in Brussels

Fraternity Door

Construction of a monumental artistic-photographic door for the entrance of a primary school in Brussels

Heinrich Heine at Westhafen

Subway station dedicated to Human Rights as seen through the eyes of the German poet and writer Heinrich Heine

Dictionary of accepted ideas by Flaubert

A public artwork in tribute to Flaubert for the bicentenary of his birth in Rouen

The game of Zé

A book reading and a creative workshop about the portuguese discoveries for the underprivileged children in Rio de Janeiro

Beautiful stories

Participatory artwork about Human Rights and local history with the Alliance Française of Nova Friburgo