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To Write the Human Rights in Portugal

An international participatory project network about Human Rights and duties among human beings and towards the earth

30 November 2020
Year :
Since 2003
Location :
Worldwide project

TO WRITE THE HUMAN RIGHTS is a worldwide artistic project which includes a pedagogical method. It can be implemented on various scales: a  large subway station, on city walls, on a school wall, in museums, as urban furniture, in parks, and at home with families.

TO WRITE THE HUMAN RIGHT IN PORTUGAL – TO WRITE THE CHARTER OF FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS ON THE WALLS OF THE CITIES is to rethink the people’s social role and their participation to create a harmonious life between beings and the world. Through art, its purpose is to raise awareness of the rights and duties of human beings among themselves and for the earth. This project is accessible to all those who, by their enthusiasm and philosophy of hope, wish to become project leaders by sharing it and creating it with their friends, community, responsible institutions, teachers of their children’s schools, and collectives.

Why Portugal? We established a partnership with the CEIJD of Lisbon, European Information Center Jacques Delors with the aim of teaching through art, the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, to young Portuguese citizens. The CIEJD has thus become our project leader in Portugal for the TO WRITE THE CHARTER OF FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS ON THE WALLS OF THE CITIES projects.

TO WRITE THE HUMAN RIGHTS is designed as 2 distinct and complementary projects:

1-The paper workshop:
allows you to work with a large number of participants at no cost, as you only need paper and pencils. Several activities can result, including a contest and the selection of the best drawings. See our pedagogical kit available for free access here.

2-The ceramic workshop and design of a public artwork: 
If the project initiator seeks to create a perennial ceramic artwork and obtains public and/or private funding, Inscrire will organize a participatory workshop. The artwork is then installed permanently in public spaces. We usually organize the two workshops one after another, which allows us to reach a large number of participants. Information available upon request by email.


The projects built in ceramics in the different cities are the result of a pedagogical work of reflection and awareness on the European Charter of Rights developed with our methodology and addressed to high school students.

The project has been implemented in many towns and villages in Portugal. The CIEJD makes contact with a city and a school interested in the project. Our local team associated with the CIEJD travels a week in the school and works with different classes to complete the two steps of our methodology.

The teachers are always very active during the teaching and ceramics workshops, an ancestral tradition in Portugal. The paintings are always installed on the walls of each school.
We worked in the following cities :

– Alcabideche-Cascais, with the school Ibn Mucana; the host organisation was the municipality of Cascais/Junta de Freguesia de Alcabideche.
– O Porto, with the Colégio Luso Francês
– Serpa, with Escola Básica Integrada de Serpa, Escola Secundária de Serpa, Escola Oficina de Pintura de Azulejos e Louça Cerâmica, Escola Básica Integrada and the Jardim de Infância de Pias.

– Guimarães, with the Escola EB 2+3 de S. Torcato, Escola Secundária Martins Sarmento, Escola Secundária Francisco de Holanda et le Centro de Formação da Associação para o Desenvolvimento das Comunidades Locais (ADCL)
– Belem-Lisboa, with the Colégio de Pina Manique
– Tomar, with the Escola Secundária de Santa Maria do Olival
– Tondela, with the Escola Secundária de Tondela
– Vila Franca de Xira, with the Escola EB 2,3 de Vialonga

– Felgueiras, with EB 2,3 de Idães, EB 2,3 de Airães, EB 2,3 Manuel Faria e Sousa e EB 2,3 Dr. Leonardo Coimbra

– Reguengos de Monsaraz with Escola Secundária Conde de Monsaraz
– Tavira with Escola Secundária de Tavira

– Oeiras, with Escola EB 2,3 de Caxias
– Mira Sintra, with the Escola secundaria Matia Aires
– Ulgueira, with the city residents

– Loures with Escola EB2/3 Luis Stau Monteiro


Margarida Cardoso
Filomena Antonio
Françoise Schein
Vera Ferraz
Katia de Radiguès
Paula Castro Freire
Philippe Nothomb
Miguel Horta
Rita Pedro


Conseil municipal de Cascais
Conseil paroissial d’Alcabideche
Société ELR à Porto
Rota do Guadiana à Serpa
ADCL à Guimaraes
Junta de Freguesia de Santa Maria de Belém
Câmara Municipal de Tomar
Biblioteca Pública de Tomar

ACERT de Tondela
ADE de Vila Franca de Xira
ADER Sousa à Felgueiras
Câmara Municipal de Reguengos de Monsaraz.
Câmara Municipal de Tavira
Câmara Municipal de Ulgueira et K de radiguès
Câmara Municipal de Sintra
Câmara Municipal de Loures


Les villes et toutes les écoles où le projet a été créé
La Commission Européenne
Le CIEJD – Centre d’Informations Européennes Jacques Delors de Lisbonne


Françoise Schein
Paula Castro Freire
Vera Ferraz
Katia de Radiguès

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